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This is for the purchase of the Company's mobile unit (s) (Devices) by MobileXtra, the secure transport service and the data cleaning service. A sales transaction is concluded via an email agreement, a customer purchase order number or this signed offer. Following the sales transaction confirmation, we reserve the right to recover your device (s) in accordance with the applicable recycling standards of the "Secure ISO-Certified Processing Facility 9001: 2008". With respect to the data cleansing service, the Company agrees that these constitute and are limited to the use of dedicated data erasure software. Devices purchased by MobileXtra are transported in high security, are counted, are scanned and are monitored 24 hours a day -7 days a week. Devices that can not be erased will be sent to a recycling organization approved by the Recyclers Qualification Office for Physical Destruction and Recycling. 


The Company hereby acknowledges and confirms that its representative is at least eighteen (18) years old, that the Company owns all devices being submitted through this transaction to MobileXtra, that each device is free from all rights and charges and that the signing authority has the right to act as an agent or official representative of the Company. The Company agrees to submit any information, document or evidence establishing compliance with these requirements to MobileXtra. 


MobileXtra may refuse to make a Sale Transaction and reserves the right to adjust the value of a Device if it deems reasonable to do so. It is deemed reasonable to adjust the value of a Device in the following cases: the receipt of incomplete, false, inaccurate or misleading information about the Device or a classification found to be inaccurate by MobileXtra, with supporting evidence. The Company may also refuse a revised final offer no later than 2 business days after it is received by MobileXtra. The Devices will be returned at the Company's expense and a $5 fee per device will be charged to the Company by MobileXtra for initial review and handling. The Company therefore agrees that the recovery amount per Device may be changed from the initial valuation following the analysis, cleaning and final evaluation of the Device's value. 


The Company recognizes to be solely responsible for any data on the Device, including any financial, personal, exclusive and confidential information saved, and is responsible for completing a backup prior to the Sale transaction. The Company is responsible for removing any data from the Device before releasing it and understands that MobileXtra cannot guarantee that the data remaining on the Device will be deleted, if applicable. It is therefore important for the Company to reset the Device to factory settings to facilitate the sales transaction. The warranty offered by MobileXtra is the official cleaning and recovery certification of the Device, 45 days following the signing of this sales transaction. 


The Company hereby accepts this offer from MobileXtra and agrees to issue a payment via check at the maximum value of recovery that is due within 45 days of the confirmation of payment, a sale transaction or the secure and official sending of the Device, with supporting evidence. There will be no adjustment on price or quantity of Devices in regards to a sale transaction, without notice from MobileXtra or the Company, with supporting evidence. The Company hereby acknowledges that this sale transaction is based on an initial assessment of the value of the Device at MobileXtra's sole discretion and does not necessarily represent the fair market value of the Device. The ownership of the Device will be transferred as part of a confirmation from the Company to this sales transaction






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